Back-To-Cool: A+ Gifts for Teachers

Presents From Small Makers That Are Worth Giving

Around here, Kate McCrea is known for her thoughtful gifts.  When selecting presents for family and friends, Kate looks for items that reflect the recipient’s job, personality, passions, likes, dislikes and, sometimes, a shared tidbit of personal information.  Additionally, she brings her own commitment to small business as she shops.  Where better to find unique and interesting gifts?  

Just in time for the start of the academic year, Kate has put together a gifting list for teachers made up of items from small makers.  These back-to-cool gifts are presents worth giving.  Not only do they empower and bolster small businesses, they are presents that can authentically reflect a teacher’s interests and passions.  And that gets an A+ in our books.

A Gift That Will Have You Stepping Lively Into a New Year

Knock your teachers’ socks off with Solmate Socks.  This female-founded company knits colorful, vibrant mismatched socks out of recycled cotton.  The fun patterns are beautifully color-coordinated but not identical, making them fun to wear.  And the company’s commitment to making eco-friendly products will make you proud to share them with teachers and friends alike.  A bit of bright warmth as we head into fall!


A Gift With All The Write Stuff

Attic Journals is committed to sustainably upcycling used books by turning them into gift and décor items.  Working with schools and libraries around the country, the company takes old tomes and textbooks destined for the dumpster and turns them into beautiful journals.  Imagine a retro-novel cover for a language teacher or an old chemistry cover for a science instructor.  A fun, useful and unique gift that also prevents waste.  Perfect!


McCrea's Candies Teacher Appreciation & Back To School Gift Guide Caramel

A Gift For When You're Nuts About Teacher

Nut’n is better than letting your child’s teacher know they are one smart cookie.  Do that with Pajama Sweet’s flagship product: its Pistachio Brittle. Made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients, including saffron, cardamom and plenty of butter, Pajama Sweet’s brittle is hard to stop eating.  But knowing that the company gives a portion of its proceeds to girls’ and women’s causes, makes snacking on it that much sweeter. Plus, it comes in a beautiful keepsake tin which screams to be made into a sewing or art kit.

McCrea's Candies Teacher Appreciation & Back To School Gift Guide Caramel

A Gift That Says "Here’s to a Brew-tiful Year"

If you think your teacher has too many mugs, think again.  The fun monster-themed coffee cups from Fishcakes will have you scaring up a reason to gift them to teacher.  That’s because these monsters are all about words and science, naps and snacks.  And if a mug isn’t your cup of tea, check out the company’s rubber stamp sets for teachers.

McCrea's Candies Teacher Appreciation & Back To School Gift Guide Caramel

A Gift That'll Help You Grow by Leaps and Bounds

The Backyard Safari Company’s egg carton gardening kits enable teachers to grow happiness in small spaces… like a classroom windowsill.  A diverse array of offerings means instructors can grow honey bee habitats, cultivate a garden that focuses on colors or sprout plants that show kids just where their food comes from via salsa or pizza kits.  A beautiful teaching tool indeed.

McCrea's Candies Teacher Appreciation & Back To School Gift Guide Caramel

A Gift That Will Have You Caramel-ting with Happiness

Let your child’s teacher know that being in their class is a real treat.  McCrea’s Candies offers a line of handcrafted, slow-cooked caramel made with real-food ingredients.  With fifteen flavors, you’re sure to find one perfect flavor for every teacher on your list:  Café Noir for the educator who can’t go through the day without a good cup of coffee or Deep Chocolate for the chocoholic who keeps eating the snacks in the teachers’ lounge for example.  And, the company’s commitment to all things local, means a sweet treat from McCrea’s is a neat treat indeed. Plus, the biodegradable paper tube is so pretty it doubles as a pencil holder when the caramel is gone.

McCrea's Candies Teacher Appreciation & Back To School Gift Guide Caramel

A Gift That Really Make a Splash

Sol Cups are all about ending waste and embracing taste. The company makes reusable and environmentally friendly glass coffee cups and water bottles in great designs that are happy, healthy, sustainable and beautifully hand-blown to keep the heat in and the nasties out.  Teachers can pour in their favorite beverages, look good while sipping and feel good knowing they’re using less plastic. 

McCrea's Candies Teacher Appreciation & Back To School Gift Guide Caramel

This list of gifts, ranging from toe-tally awesome socks to cups and mugs that’ll “bean” so much to the recipient, offers a wide range of teacher appreciation presents from small makers.  However, if you still aren’t sure what to give, here is USA Today's idea list straight from the teacher’s desk.  Or turn to Making Me Full’s Favorite Thing’s List, a fun guide to understanding what each teacher values most.  Keep it handy whenever you are shopping so that you can appreciate them at the start of the year and keep on appreciating them all year long.

Here's to a great school year!

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets Crafted to Celebrate Your Special Mom

Our retailers are a creative bunch, so it made sense to turn to them for Mother’s Day gift suggestions and ideas.  We’ve gathered a unique collection of presents, each one crafted to celebrate your special mom. 

Baskit’s Inc. sources products from around the globe to create thoughtfully-curated gift baskets.  With 30 years of experience, Baskits certainly knows what mom wants.  The company’s gorgeous Champlain basket, filled with a mix of premium goodies, is ideal for foodie moms.  It’s got all of her favorites:  chocolates, caramels, cookies and more.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


Wish and Pink creates luxury gift boxes for life’s extraordinary events. And Mother’s Day certainly qualifies.  If mom enjoys nothing more than a day of pampering, look no further than Wish and Pink’s Ultimate Spa Indulgence box, filled with a crème-de-la-crème of natural products for soothing mind, body and spirit.  Also included are sumptuous sweets (a must!) and a mood-setting candle for the perfect at home spa day.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


For the mom who deserves it all, Valleybrink Road’s Sweet box is filled with both gourmet confections AND drop-dead gorgeous fresh flowers.  A floral design and luxury gifting firm, Valleybrink prides itself on creating the perfect present.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the Sweet box with its bean-to-bar chocolate, luxe caramel, baked treats, and beautiful blooms.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


Does your mom’s birthday coincide with Mother’s Day?  There can be a lot of pressure to find a gift that will suit both occasions.  Mouth Food’s Birthday In a Box is the answer.  Mouth’s goal is to discover the best, most delicious and most interesting food products out there.  Bursting with distinctive delectables, like pate de fruit, small-batch pickles and deep chocolate caramel, Mouth’s Birthday  in a Box box truly takes the cake!

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


Bird Box Gifts’ motto is “you pick a gift they will love and we do the rest.”  For moms with a love of the sea and all things summer, Bird Box has certainly stayed true to that maxim.  Its Coastal Salt gift box is filled with salted caramel, a sea salt and juniper candle, bath bomb and matches -- everything mom needs for creating a perfect beach day at home….ocean optional.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


All moms deserved to be treated like queens.  This Mother’s Day, you can give mom the royal treatment she deserves with Wish Gift Co’s Royal box.  Themed in mint and lavender, the box from this Cape Cod-based creator of elegant custom gifts, is filled with gourmet goodies, a candle, a jewelry dish and so much more.  However, the crown is not included.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


If your mom likes nothing more than cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea, we recommend the Lavender Deluxe box from Madianite, a gift-getting, professional gift wrapping and personal shopping service.  Perfect for the bibliophile, the Lavender Deluxe contains calming mist; tea, honey and an infuser; and a container of caramel, a perfect combination for long afternoons spent with the latest best seller.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel.


For the chocolate-loving mom (basically all of them!), Fountain Gifts has the perfect gift set.  Its Chocolate Trio includes luxe caramel, small batch chocolate and decadent truffles.  And best of all, Fountain Gifts will include a handwritten note for you, totally giving you favorite child status.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


Every mom wants a moment (or ten) away from the kids.  Something Lux Box Company’s founders, a mom-daughter trio – know firsthand.  They offer the perfect escape in the Sweet Serenity gift basket. The ultimate in relaxation and comfort, it includes small restoratives and indulgences, including a hair tie set, a jewelry trinket dish, candle and sweet treats….everything to help mom get her “om” on.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


Wild Things of Birmingham offers bespoke arrangements and bouquets, flowers by the stem, and a variety of curiosities and home good.  They have put together a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift set, complete with a petite flower arrangement, candle, fizzy bath cubes and caramel.  Just what mom ordered!

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel


Just Gifted is known for its thoughtfully-packaged and visually stunning gifts.  No less can be said of the company’s Mom Time basket with a sugarcane & violet candle, caramel, "Momosa" champagne flute, AND a bottle of Moet.  We’ll raise a toast to that and to mom’s everywhere.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with McCrea's Candies Caramel

Happy Mother’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Scotch Lover in Your Life

caramel Valentine's Day McCrea's candies


At McCrea’s we know scotch. We searched high and low for the best high quality scotch to add to our award-winning caramel, making us something of an expert on the subject. In fact, we’ve been known to raise a toast (slàinte!) to this fine beverage every now and then. It’s this passion for scotch that makes creating the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift list for the scotch lover in your life a piece of cake…or should we say piece of caramel.

From fun accouterments to treats that have been infused with the rich drink, this collection of gifts is sure to please any whisky aficionado.

A Cool Gift: Novel Ice Molds

Sometimes a good scotch is enjoyed best on the rocks, so why not elevate your ice game to match that of your high-class beverage of choice? There are multiple companies out there that craft everything from stunning to strange ice molds. For the classically inclined scotch condenser, you could go with a globe or koi fish mold. Or, if your loved one is more in tune with pop culture, you can opt for a Tardis or Han Solo mold. The choices are nearly endless.

A Smokin' Hot Gift: The Corkcicle Cigar Glass

If your scotch lover enjoys a nice cigar along with his or her drink, then the Corkcicle Cigar Glass is just what you need. Part rocks glass and part cigar rest, the Corkcicle makes for an unexpected gift. The glass, which can be personalized with a single initial for an elegant touch, is sure to spark conversation in any setting.

A Fashionable Gift: Personalized Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Cufflinks

Enable your whiskey enthusiast to proclaim his love of the drink wherever he goes. Subtle yet stylish and made to order, these Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Cufflinks will accentuate your loved one’s style whether he’s all business or out for a night on the town. Each cufflink set is made to order and can be engraved with his initials. Because no two sets of cufflinks are the same, this gift makes the perfect addition to any scotch lover’s wardrobe.

A Classic Gift: Teroforma Original Whisky Stones

A scotch on the rocks is a time-honored tradition and the use of whisky stones can elevate this classic approach to imbibing single-malts. They can lower the liquor’s temperature, while preserving that delicious straight-from-the-bottle taste. Teroforma Original Whisky Stones are made from soapstone sourced at the country’s oldest mill. Take in both a chilled scotch and some history with these cutting-edge stones.

A Decorative Gift: The Survey of Scotch Print

Paying homage to the origin of scotch, this specialized print illustrates Scotland and the distilleries that reside in each region; from Highlands to Lowlands and beyond. It makes the perfect addition to any home or office. Your whisky devotee will be able to find where favorite blends hail from while perusing a list of single malts and full-bodied blends. This piece of art will be the pièce de résistance for any scotch love’s art collection.

A Refreshing Gift: Sheridan Personalized Scotch Glasses

The finest of drinks deserves the finest of glasses. Made from premium glass, these 11 oz glasses can be engraved with your family’s initials and last name. With a signature rock-like finish to the underlying glass within the base, they make for a dignified and eye-catching drinking companion. We’ll raise a glass to that!

A Delicious Gift: Single Malt Scotch Caramels

If your scotch lover has a serious sweet tooth then we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you; McCrea’s Candies Single Malt Scotch Caramels. For the perfect combination of mouth-watering caramel and decadent single malt scotch, we slow cook our caramels for hours while gradually infusing the blend with premium single malt scotch. Your scotch aficionado is sure to smile when trying these delectable and intoxicating scotch flavored caramels. Start with just one pack or opt for a monthly subscription, the choice is yours.

An Artistic Gift: Scotch Tasting Chart Print

From novices to experts, any scotch lover can benefit from having a tasting guide on hand. This unconventional work of art guides scotch lovers through over 80 different flavor profiles. Smokey, rich, light, or delicate; learn how to identify any scotch based on taste alone with this functional piece of art.

Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift With McCrea's

Whether your scotch lover is a beginner or master, any of the gifts listed above will be well received this Valentine's Day. The pleasure and luxury of a thoughtful scotch-inspired gift doesn’t have to stop with Valentine’s Day. With one of our prepaid subscription boxes, you can have our handcrafted caramels delivered to your scotch lover every month.  A gift from the heart is a gift that anyone will love. Happy Valentine’s Day from McCrea's.

The 6 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

The holidays are here! And if your team is anything like ours, you’re all gearing up to spread some holiday cheer within your office. From decking the halls to holiday office parties, celebrating the holidays with your close, or at least close-ish, work-family is an important part of ringing in the new year.

Each year, secret Santa games start in offices around the world and coworkers struggle to find meaningful gifts to give one another. You can only give someone a coffee cup so many times. No one wants a Clark Griswold situation happening in their office, so you're going to need some unique secret Santa gift ideas to get you through the holiday season. But what’s the best gift to give? What’s something that your coworkers will enjoy but is within your budget? And how on earth are you suppose to find a gift for that one coworker that you know absolutely nothing about?

In our opinion, the best gift you can give to someone in your office is a foodie-centric present. What’s better than a gourmet edible gift? They come beautifully packaged, making wrapping a cinch, if you even need it. Plus, these items will give your coworker immense satisfaction without putting pressure on them to demonstrate their appreciation of the gift year-round. An edible gift is a one and done deal. They’ll say thank you, and they won’t have to keep it on their desk year-round or wear it to the office later that year to prove that “they really did love it!”

At McCrea’s Candies we’re all about out of the box gifting, from our own unique caramels to other small business goods. Plus when you support small business with a purchase this holiday season, you help your local community and the small business community at large. This year, say no to big box store cookie cutter secret Santa gifts, and say yes to thoughtful gourmet presents! 

A Maple Gift From Ben’s Sugar Shack 

If your coworker’s favorite meal of the day of breakfast then you need to check out this Bens maple syruporiginal sweet treat. Ben’s Sugar Shack has been collecting syrup and crafting delicious concoctions for years. What started as a childhood obsession bloomed into a full-time business endeavor for this hard-working New Hampshire man. We recommend the Maple Syrup in 8.45 oz. Leaf Marasca Bottle. Not only does it taste great, but the syrup is available in three grades so that you can select the formula that best fits your coworker’s tastes. 

A Cookie Gift From Lark Fine Foods 

Who doesn’t like holiday cookies, or even better, gourmet holiday cookies? Lark Fineholiday trio Foods is a 100% female owner bakery that was founded in 2008 in Boston inside the historic town of Essex. The Holiday Trio box set contains some of their most scrumptious holiday flavors, including Salted Rosemary, Burnt Sugar, and Espresso Chip. Each box comes packaged in an eye-catching gift box complete with grosgrain ribbon. Give the gift of shortbread for a very merry holiday indeed.

A Chocolate Gift From Lake Champlain Chocolates

The Holiday & Christmas Chocolate Truffles set from Lake Champlain Chocolates will make anyone’s taste buds sing for joy. These fresh, all natural chocolates from Vermont come packaged in a stylish holiday box. Each box contains five assorted milk and dark chocolate truffles including cappuccino, dark rum, hazelnut, legendary dark, and raspberry flavors. If you wish to give the gift of effortless elegance, then specialty chocolate is the way to go.

An Olive Oil Gift From Cucina Aurora 

For some, savory tastes outway sweets, and for those more discerning coworkers, a gift olive oilthat takes savory textures and flavors to the next level is a must. For these particular coworkers, we recommend infused olive oils, our favorite being the Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil from Cucina Aurora Kitchen and Witchery. Don’t let this name spook you; this potent oil has the dual purpose of tasing amazing while simultaneously warding off harm. The perfect conversation starter, this secret Santa gift will be the talk of your office for weeks to come.

A Vanilla Gift From Nielsen-Massey

Does your coworker enjoy cooking, or are they a true foodie? If so, the thought of giving madagascar bourbon pure vanilla extractthem a premade food gift can be a little daunting. For these chic condensers, we recommend skipping whole foods altogether and moving on to the spice realm, more specifically Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. The very name of this product is exotic and romantic in a way that will capture the attention of even your most highfalutin peer’s attention. Nielsen Massey specializes in crafting singularly out of this world vanillas and flavors. What better gift than one that your coworker can use over and over again while enjoying their meal prep rituals. Each bottle of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is created from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar. If that doesn’t grab your foodie’s attention then nothing will.

A Caramel Gift From McCrea’s Candies (Single Malt Scotch Caramels)

mccrea's candiesHave a coworker who craves the best? One who loves his sweets and his single malts? You know that they appreciate a quality scotch, so the solution is easy, McCrea's Single Malt Scotch Caramels. Our spirited caramels are one of those items that will bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially the office whiskey aficionado. We’ve taken the art of caramel making to a whole new level. These intoxicating delicacies provide the smooth, luxurious goodness of aged single malt scotch without the hangover! What’s not to love?

Finding Your Perfect Secret Santa Gift With McCrea's Candies 

Whether you’re searching for business gifts or a secret Santa gift for your boss, find all that you need and more with McCrea’s. Still not sure what to get for the secret Santa coworker on your list? You could try some of our other favorite secret Santa gifts that include Prosperity Candle’s Café Candle, Soluna Garden Farms Teas, Qs Nuts, Coops MicroCreamery caramel sauce (which we help to create), unique tea mugs from Fishcakes, or Wicked Joe Coffee. And if you’re still not sure, you can always try a McCrea’s Candies gift box or party box of your choice, that way they’ll receive a variety of mouth-watering treats, and you can complete your entire purchase in one fell swoop. From our family to yours, happy holidays, and best of luck with your shopping!