Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Scotch Lover in Your Life

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Scotch Lover in Your Life

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At McCrea’s we know scotch. We searched high and low for the best high quality scotch to add to our award-winning caramel, making us something of an expert on the subject. In fact, we’ve been known to raise a toast (slàinte!) to this fine beverage every now and then. It’s this passion for scotch that makes creating the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift list for the scotch lover in your life a piece of cake…or should we say piece of caramel.

From fun accouterments to treats that have been infused with the rich drink, this collection of gifts is sure to please any whisky aficionado.

A Cool Gift: Novel Ice Molds

Sometimes a good scotch is enjoyed best on the rocks, so why not elevate your ice game to match that of your high-class beverage of choice? There are multiple companies out there that craft everything from stunning to strange ice molds. For the classically inclined scotch condenser, you could go with a globe or goldfish ice mold. Or, if your loved one is more in tune with pop culture, you can opt for a Tardis or Han Solo mold. The choices are nearly endless.

A Smokin' Hot Gift: The Corkcicle Cigar Glass

If your scotch lover enjoys a nice cigar along with his or her drink, then the Corkcicle Cigar Glass is just what you need. Part rocks glass and part cigar rest, the Corkcicle makes for an unexpected gift. The glass, which can be personalized with a single initial for an elegant touch, is sure to spark conversation in any setting.

A Fashionable Gift: Personalized Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Cufflinks

Enable your whiskey enthusiast to proclaim his love of the drink wherever he goes. Subtle yet stylish and made to order, these Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Cufflinks will accentuate your loved one’s style whether he’s all business or out for a night on the town. Each cufflink set is made to order and can be engraved with his initials. Because no two sets of cufflinks are the same, this gift makes the perfect addition to any scotch lover’s wardrobe.

A Classic Gift: Teroforma Original Whisky Stones

A scotch on the rocks is a time-honored tradition and the use of whisky stones can elevate this classic approach to imbibing single-malts. They can lower the liquor’s temperature, while preserving that delicious straight-from-the-bottle taste. Teroforma Original Whisky Stones are made from soapstone sourced at the country’s oldest mill. Take in both a chilled scotch and some history with these cutting-edge stones.

A Decorative Gift: The Survey of Scotch Print

Paying homage to the origin of scotch, this specialized print illustrates Scotland and the distilleries that reside in each region; from Highlands to Lowlands and beyond. It makes the perfect addition to any home or office. Your whisky devotee will be able to find where favorite blends hail from while perusing a list of single malts and full-bodied blends. This piece of art will be the pièce de résistance for any scotch love’s art collection.

A Refreshing Gift: Sheridan Personalized Scotch Glasses

The finest of drinks deserves the finest of glasses. Made from premium glass, these 11 oz glasses can be engraved with your family’s initials and last name. With a signature rock-like finish to the underlying glass within the base, they make for a dignified and eye-catching drinking companion. We’ll raise a glass to that!

A Delicious Gift: Single Malt Scotch Caramels

If your scotch lover has a serious sweet tooth then we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you; McCrea’s Candies Single Malt Scotch Caramels. For the perfect combination of mouth-watering caramel and decadent single malt scotch, we slow cook our caramels for hours while gradually infusing the blend with premium single malt scotch. Your scotch aficionado is sure to smile when trying these delectable and intoxicating scotch flavored caramels. Start with just one pack or opt for a monthly subscription, the choice is yours.

An Artistic Gift: Scotch Tasting Chart Print

From novices to experts, any scotch lover can benefit from having a tasting guide on hand. This unconventional work of art guides scotch lovers through over 80 different flavor profiles. Smokey, rich, light, or delicate; learn how to identify any scotch based on taste alone with this functional piece of art.

Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift With McCrea's

Whether your scotch lover is a beginner or master, any of the gifts listed above will be well received this Valentine's Day. The pleasure and luxury of a thoughtful scotch-inspired gift doesn’t have to stop with Valentine’s Day. With one of our prepaid subscription boxes, you can have our handcrafted caramels delivered to your scotch lover every month.  A gift from the heart is a gift that anyone will love. Happy Valentine’s Day from McCrea's.

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