Jason McCrea, Chief Caramel Scientist, has created something truly special.

Caramel process
Call it a dream. Call it a living. Call it a lifestyle. Call it a project or a passion, a product, or an art. Call it all those things, and you’d be partly right. 

A scientist with a background in chemistry and an abiding appreciation for natural ingredients, Jason is a man possessed by the single, simple idea to make the best caramel in the world—nothing less.

Jason is a bit quirky, downright odd sometimes. But you’ll love him because woven into his eccentricities are integrity, honesty and a firm commitment to quality. In the ways that matter, McCrea’s caramels are his best work.

Naturally, Jason had help along the way. Quirky, yes, but with a fair portion of humility, Jason recognized long ago that there are many things that other people do better than he does, so he assembled a team of complementary talents.

Kate McCrea, Chief Caramel Visionary, keeps the entire company sane and talking to each other, not to mention the outside world. And to be clear, Kate wasn’t recruited by Jason; Jason was recruited by Kate—she married him.

Jim LaFond-Lewis, Operations, makes sure the caramel gets made, packaged and shipped, even though he bears a strong resemblance to a bald Oscar the Grouch.

Matt Roche, Caramel Professional, sees the big picture and positions McCrea’s to serve people with humility and respect. Don't think Wonka.

On any given day any one of them might be running the place, but one thing is certain: Everyone at McCrea's is dedicated to the same things as Jasonhonesty, integrity and making the best caramel in the world.