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Your Yuletide Tradition

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“Be careful with these, depending on if you have a safe to lock them up away from you lol”


“These sweet treats just may become a tradition.”

FIRST for Women

“A grand gift for the caramel lover.”

Martha Stewart

“Truly special treats.”


“Place these candies in a dish and watch them disappear.”


As Seen In


Call it a dream. Call it a living. Call it a lifestyle. Call it a project or a passion, a product, or an art. Call it all those things, and you’d be partly right. McCrea’s is dedicated to honesty, integrity and making the best caramel in the world.

Caramels spread out on a table
Caramel Club

Caramel Club

Get in on the fun! Enjoy 3 dozen caramels delivered right to your door every month with the McCrea’s Caramel Club!

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Find handmade gifts for your favorite people! We have a flavor for everyone on your list—and treat yourself while you're at it.

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