The Kitchen

In the McCrea’s kitchen, we know that with time-tested methods, family secrets, and a whole lot of TLC, fewer, wholesome ingredients yield more incredible flavor.

McCrea’s kitchen

We started with just a wooden spoon, spare pots and pans, and a candy thermometer—and though we’ve since evolved to a sophisticated operation, we’re committed to preserving the spirit and passion that got us here in the first place. Our kitchens are buzzing with energy, creativity, and music. Unforgettable scents are the status quo—melting sugar mingling with fresh cream, rosemary right off the sprig, freshly juiced ginger, Highland Scotch straight from the bottle…an unending ambrosia we seek to capture in every box of McCrea’s.

caramel making

Our commitment to the highest quality ingredients means they arrive daily from sources that meet our rigorous standards. Start with the best butter, sugar, and milk, and you have the perfect foundation for our legendary recipes.

Making caramels boils down to a science—and we’ve mastered that gentle balance between ingredients and heat that yields an unparalleled outcome. The process is fascinating to watch. Bubbling liquid, developing aromas, hot sugar flying out of copper kettles right as it reaches the perfect temperature. We wait patiently until perfection is reached—flavor like this simply can’t be rushed.

caramel rolling

No matter your palette, you’ll find something to love amongst our 16 striking, unique flavors. After that first perfect bite, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing a familiar phrase: “More McCrea’s, please!”