McCrea's Candies Caramel Corporate Business Holiday Gift

A Corporate Gift Giving Tradition

“It’s become a tradition.” 

That’s how Casey Robinson, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Newburyport, Mass.-based Koya Leadership Partners, describes the national executive search firm’s custom of sending out hundreds of boxes of McCrea’s Candies caramel to clients every holiday season. 

“Our clients have come to look forward to it,” she said. 

Lea Cohen, a realtor with William Raveis in Brookline, Mass., is looking to McCrea’s for the same results. “This will be the second year I send McCrea’s Candies’ caramel to my clients.  Last year the candy was a big hit,” said Cohen.

Both Cohen and Robinson feel that it is important to recognize and thank their customers.  A small gift, says Cohen, let’s them know they are special.


McCrea's Candies Caramel Corporate Business Holiday Gift

Thoughtful and Specialized Service

Special is what both organizations strive for – and what they look for in their gift-giving partners.

Koya, founded in 2004 on a single belief – the right person in the right place can change the world –is deeply devoted to its clients and to the missions they serve. 

“At Koya's core is a commitment to thoughtful and specialized service. This practice extends to our gift giving. When we consider how to communicate with our clients and candidates, we apply this care, and that is why we choose McCrea’s,” explained Robinson. “We both prioritize creating an amazing experience for our customers.”

William Raveis is the northeast’s leading family-owned real estate company.  Cohen, a realtor for more than fourteen years, joined the firm because they are tops in service and customer satisfaction.

“Real estate is a relationship building business, both with my clients as well as with colleagues in the brokerage community,” explained Cohen.  “Gifting McCrea’s is a great way to remind these important people how much they mean to me.  It not only enables me to thank them for working with me, it also enables me to recognize them for the referrals they send my way, the key to growing any realtor’s business.”

McCrea's Candies Caramel Holiday Gift corporate Business

Finding Just The Right Gift

McCrea’s works with both Robinson to and Cohen to customize their caramel gifts, designing a special hangtag for Koya featuring the company’s logo.  In addition, a personal note was enclosed within each McCrea’s Candies Large Party Box the company gifted.

Cohen, in her second year of gifting McCrea’s Tall Sleeves of caramel, is working with McCrea’s corporate gifting expert to transform her new logo into something special.  But the ability to customize, she says does not stop there. 

“McCrea’s really enables me to tailor each individual present.  With its wide selection of flavors, I can choose the flavor that best suits each recipient,” she said.  “And that really turns it into a very thoughtful gift.”

McCrea's Candies Caramel Holiday Gift Corporate Business

Robinson agrees.

“Sending a thank you gift is a thoughtful gesture.  It lets our clients, mainly mission-driven organizations and institutions of higher education, know we are thinking of them; that we appreciate their business and the partnerships we have forged throughout the year,” explains Robinson.

She added: “McCrea’s makes the world's best caramels.  We strive to provide the best executive search experience.  It’s a perfect match.”

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