Ooey, Gooey, Delicious Caramels

Ooey, gooey, delicious caramels. I have a sweet tooth and I love candy of all sorts, but I dislike when candies are too sweet or taste artificial. I recently tried a handful (and then another handful) of McCrea’s Candies caramels, and OH MY GOODNESS. They were so good!

In addition to classic vanilla caramels, McCrea’s offers some really interesting varieties. I loved the subtle spicy flavor of the ginger caramels and the grains of sea salt in the black lava sea salt caramels. The ingredients are simple, and all things that you would use to make caramels in your own kitchen. No hidden junk or artificial sweeteners!

McCrea’s Candies is based in Hyde Park and can be found at a variety of shops around town including Olives & Grace, Bacco’s Fine Foods, and Boston General Store. I think their party box of caramels would make such a nice gift…

Foodie Gift: McCrea's Caramels

With amazing flavors like black lava sea salt and rosemary truffle sea salt, the foodie in your life will be impressed with the quality, design and creativity of these little caramels. Whether you’re looking for a foodie gift, client gift, office gift exchange idea, stocking stuffer, hostess gift or a gift for the impossible person with a sweet tooth, these caramels deliver. I went through two tubes of the Flavor Family in about a week. Hey, they’re addicting!! (and, I have no self control) So, yeah, just get them for you, too. You won’t regret it.

Dinner Party Table Gifts to Impress Your Guests

Hostess gifts are always a great idea…but as a hostess, I love to surprise my holiday dinner party guests with a table gift. For me, the idea for a table gift is pretty simple: it’s something typically inexpensive, and fun enough to get the conversation at the table going. It’s a dinner party favor…with a little holiday twist. Table gifts are a great way to express your creativity when you’re hosting a dinner party…plus it add some flair to your table setting. Remember, the idea is to keep it fun and thoughtful without spending a lot of money. You can put the gift right on the table and let your guests discover them when they sit down to eat.

McCrea's Candies caramel is a luxe caramel that is handcrafted in small batches. Their five-piece pillow box is the ideal name card/take home gift. Additionally, the beautiful packaging allows it to blend in with many tablescape themes. McCrea’s also offers taller sleeves. Their flagship product features Hawaiian black lava sea salt swirled into caramel to provide a salty-sweet mouthful. Basil and cayenne are combined for a heat and sweet treat.  Additional flavor combinations include ginger fusion, curried butternut, and rosemary truffle sea salt. They also offer classic flavors such as vanilla, scotch, chocolate, maple, mocha and coffee.