Local Caramel Company Wins The Academy Awards of Good Foods

The 2016 Good Food Awards include a number of Massachusetts winners. (In case you were wondering, the winners are awarded for "truly good food... food that is delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to the communities and cultural traditions."

One of the winners, McCrea's Candies, is right in our own backyard of Hyde Park.

You may have heard of McCrea's. Their caramels have been getting a lot of buzz lately, especially around Boston's hipster capital - Somerville.

The candy company makes a wide variety of flavors - coffee, vanilla, deep chocolate, single malt scotch - that are all very good and would give your grandmother's homemade batch of caramels a run for their money. But the Good Food Award judges got it right when they singled out McCrea's black lava sea salt caramels.

A Creamier Caramel You'll Never Find

A very special guest for Valentines Day week. Kate McCrea is the co-founder of the appropriately named McCrea's Candies.  She stopped by Tonia's Kitchen to talk a little about why her candies are so special, and the reason...they're real! Kate told Tonia they only use real-food ingredients like milk, sugar and butter, no corn syrup whatsoever.  And the reason that's better, is because it simply tastes better! And now for Valentine's Day, McCrea's recommends their chocolate caramels.  They have a special heart design that goes perfectly with the holiday.

Ooey, Gooey, Delicious Caramels

Ooey, gooey, delicious caramels. I have a sweet tooth and I love candy of all sorts, but I dislike when candies are too sweet or taste artificial. I recently tried a handful (and then another handful) of McCrea’s Candies caramels, and OH MY GOODNESS. They were so good!

In addition to classic vanilla caramels, McCrea’s offers some really interesting varieties. I loved the subtle spicy flavor of the ginger caramels and the grains of sea salt in the black lava sea salt caramels. The ingredients are simple, and all things that you would use to make caramels in your own kitchen. No hidden junk or artificial sweeteners!

McCrea’s Candies is based in Hyde Park and can be found at a variety of shops around town including Olives & Grace, Bacco’s Fine Foods, and Boston General Store. I think their party box of caramels would make such a nice gift…