The Gifts You Didn’t Know She Wanted This Year

No matter how well you know someone, or how many year’s you’ve been together sometimes finding the right gift for them is hard to do. They already have what they want or have everything set to show up with a quick click of Prime on their computer. But in such a digital world, we love finding unique gifts that she will love, and ones that do not require a WiFi connection to use. We’ve put together a collection of great gift ideas for the women in your life that not only will look like you made the extra effort but can help pamper her – how she deserves.

Indulge Her Sweet tooth with McCrea’s Caramels

We all have a sweet tooth from time to time. How about getting her some sweets.  And when she gets some handmade caramels from McCrea’s she’s going to hide them from everyone else! Each batch of their caramels are handmade and use a combination of the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce handcrafted candies. Every batch is made with butter and sugar cooked at low temperature until they are just right, then local milk and flavors are added. McCrea’s keeps experimenting with different spirits and flavor profiles and coming up with new delicious combinations to transport you to new destinations with each bite.

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