2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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McCrea's Candies: These aren’t the average run of the mill caramels.  These are over the top, absolutely awesome, smooth and chewy melt in your mouth goodness!

Slow cooked, handcrafted, award-winning #caramel made using the finest salts, spirits and seasonings. Perfect combinations of smooth, sweet, fresh and unexpected.

McCrea’s Candies uses the freshest – and fewest – ingredients possible to deliver smooth, unexpected flavor combinations. With 16 flavors to choose from the luxe, chewy caramels will delight any palate. Containing only butter, sugar, cream, and real food flavorings such as fresh ginger, organic, fair trade coffee, and sprigs of rosemary, the caramels are gluten-, nut-, and soy-free. Beautifully packaged in 100% biodegradable containers, and in varying sizes, McCrea’s Candies make an ideal gift.

McCrea’s Candies Valentine's Day Boxes

McCrea's Candies Valentine's Day Caramel Boxes

McCrea’s Candies has introduced two new caramel products for Valentine’s Day. They include:

Valentine’s Day Caramel Tasting Box
This box showcases six top-rated caramel flavors: Classic Vanilla, Tapped Maple, Black Lava Sea Salt, Deep Chocolate, Single Malt Scotch and Ginger Fusion. Packed in six pillow packs, this Valentine’s Day treat is ideal for sharing with someone special. Gifters can also download the accompanying “Caramel Tasting Guide for Two” to embark on a sensory caramel experience.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Indulgence Box
This beautiful box is filled with McCrea’s luscious chocolate caramel trio: Deep Chocolate, Dark Roasted Mocha and Chocolate Peppermint. Adorned with a sweet card and red bow, this collection is made especially for the chocolate lover.

Gluten Free Gifts for Foodies

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McCreas Handcrafted Caramels – Connoisseurs of caramel will taste the difference with these premium gluten-free caramels in flavors ranging from Black Lava Sea Salt to Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt and all the “normal” flavors in between. (contains dairy)

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McCrea’s Candies Holiday Party Box

McCrea’s Candies is a favorite around the office and in our homes too because they use the freshest — and fewest — ingredients possible to deliver smooth, unexpected flavor combinations that satisfy your palate. With 16 flavors to choose from our favorites are the rosemary, ginger and black lava sea salt. Place these candies in a dish and watch them disappear.