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The best gifts for hosts for when you finally go back to a dinner party but don’t want to bring a bottle of wine

Fortune Magazine

The best gifts create a story or derive from one. So here are a few ideas your host and the others at the party won't soon forget.

Caramels: You know that feeling when consuming something so delicious, you lean back in a chair, close your eyes, and the world stands still? That's the effect of McCrea's, whose caramels are slow-cooked in a copper kettle with locally sourced butter, milk, and cream. While McCrea's offers a selection of traditional and unusual flavors (ginger, cinnamon clove, and rosemary-truffle), this post-dinner duet is a surprising end to the night. Single Malt Scotch caramels are not your typical sweet spiked with smoky scotch, so these confections are a doozy. And the Deep Chocolate satisfies the non-boozer with silky richness. The owner Jason McCrea has a background in chemistry, and like any mad scientist, his efforts devise awe and whimsy.