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The 2021 Gift Guide: The 50 Best Gifts Under $50

the candidly

We started our holiday shopping early, and we found so many special, interesting treasures for under $50, that’s how we decided to frame our gift guide this year. We all just scrapped by living through a pandemic. We don’t have $347 to blow on any single person’s present this year. But we still want to find treats for our loved ones that make them feel seen, and that make us seem like the most thoughtful gift-givers on earth. Because somehow, we are still making it about us!

We present, our favorite 50 gifts for under $50. Try not to buy them all for yourself. Or do. You deserve it. And listen. Some things are a hair above $50. But you get the gist…

McCrea's Candies Handcrafted Advent Calendar

It will be a profound challenge not to open these tiny doors and eat every candy in sight, prior to their actual date. But try we must. And look, it’s so cute!

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