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Stymied about what to give? Check out these locally made goods (bonus points for up-cycling and attitude)

The Boston Globe

Peace, love & caramels: McCrea’s Candies Advent Calendar, Hyde Park

By now, you probably know McCrea’s handcrafted, small-batch caramels — even the caramel-averse swoon after that first taste of sea salt-sprinkled, buttery-sweet perfection. For 2019, they teamed up with New Hampshire artist Cindy Hendrick and Franklin Printing in Maine to create a caramel-stuffed advent calendar: A box of caramels opens up to reveal a charming kitchen scene populated with woodland creatures who are making (you guessed it) caramels. Behind the 24 doors are wrapped caramels in a dozen flavors, including cinnamon clove, café noir, and single malt scotch, along with the classic vanilla, chocolate, and maple. So maybe this is a family share-me gift? $35; available at Beacon Hill Chocolates and Eataly Boston, and online.