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Sharing The Love: Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Family

Mothering Magazine featuring McCrea's Candies Valentine's Caramel Gift Boxes

If you’re all about celebrating your loved ones on a special are some neat and eco-friendly ways you can [do so]!

So obviously, if you’re a chocolate fan, Valentine’s Day really could be your jam! And if that’s the case, McCrea’s award-winning caramels have got you covered! Consider gifting (or again, hinting for) a Valentine’s Day Caramel Tasting Box. It comes with six pillow packs of top-rated caramels to be savored with your sweetheart (or yourself, because you can!). It even comes with a downloadable “Caramel Tasting Guide For Two” opportunity.

Or, consider a traditional way to share this day with a beautiful box of caramel delights. It is adorned with a sweet bow and card, and we love that McCrea’s uses the fewest and freshest ingredients to make these delicious flavor combinations. They use organic and fair-trade ingredients and they package them in 100% biodegradable containers so you’re being indulgent and eco-friendly at the same time. WIN!