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Grab These Advent Calendars While You Still Can

 new york times' wirecutter article featuring mccrea's candies caramel advent calendar


2020 might be many things, but it’s also the year that Advent calendars have gone universal. Why? Having the gift of daily joy feels very necessary right now, that’s why.

Advent calendars have been standardized to 24 days for practical reasons, running from December 1 to 25. Checks watch. Whoops. Well, if you planned ahead, great! But if you weren’t quite on the ball, take heart. Some great calendars haven’t sold out yet—and the best part about being a little late to the party is catching up on all of the fun.

The world of caramels is more than just “sea salt,” and McCrea’s Caramels Advent Calendar packs a dozen different flavors behind 24 doors to delight your taste buds. With flavors ranging from the traditional (vanilla) to the intriguing (rosemary truffle) to the divisive (anisette), you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try new options. Psst ... there’s also a 100-piece Hanukkah gift box filled with classic vanilla and deep chocolate pieces you might want to check out.