8 Delicious Sweet Treats You Can Buy Online

If you love sweets and hate your teeth, look no further than McCrea's. This heavenly candy company serves up some of the fanciest caramels I've ever had. I'm a total stan for caramel (especially *salted* caramel), so I'm biased, but I strongly believe that your life will significantly improve after you buy a tube of these bad boys.

Each flavor is distinct — from the zip of the ginger to the surprisingly rich highland scotch. It's the perfect consistency, meaning you can chew on these for a solid minute and really enjoy the flavor. My personal favorite is the black lava sea salt, which is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. My friends seem to like the deep chocolate thanks to its rich flavor that one might compare to getting socked in the face with a cacao bean.

To get a full scope of the flavors, I recommend trying their Flavor Family....

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