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12 Candy-Packed Advent Calendars We Won’t Wait Until December To Open

Refinery 29

...loads of other unique-gifting material has been giving the chocolate-filled advent calendar a run for its top-bought holiday place — but, not today. We're here to remake a shopping case for this tasty holiday classic. Because...we'll never be able to resist the everlasting appeal of 24 days full of good-old-fashioned candy.  [Here are the] 12 candy-filled advent calendars that we certainly won't be waiting until December to open.

McCrea's Candies Handcrafted Caramel Advent Calendar

This advent calendar's 24 sweet caramel treats are totally worth the possible scolding from dentists. Despite their sugary nature, each candy is free of nuts, soy, and artificial flavors so, it can't be all that bad for our bodies.

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