Welcome Your Team Back to the Office: 4 Fun Ideas to Help Ease the Transition

Welcome Your Team Back to the Office: 4 Fun Ideas to Help Ease the Transition

Welcome Your Team Back to the Office: 4 Fun Ideas to Help Ease the Transition

It's time to welcome your staff back to work. However, bringing back employees after the lockdown involves more than just sanitizing their workspace.  Help them feel “at home” in the office with these fun ideas:

Put on a potluck lunch:  During the pandemic, many of us used the time to perfect cooking skills and/or learn new ones.  Put your employees 'Sourdough baking skills to good use.  Have everyone bring in their favorite new dish in to the office to share with coworkers over lunch.  Provide drinks and dessert:  our Large Party Box is the perfect treat; filled with four flavors of individually wrapped caramel, there’s something for everyone to love.

Issue a fitness challenge: Returning to work is the perfect time for a fitness reset! Studies show that moments of disruption offer a unique opportunity to set and achieve new goals. Organizing activities that improve employee fitness levels, is a great way of improving employee health. Plus, it’s a great team-building exercise.  Provide bottled water and healthy snacks along the way like McCrea’s Candies Caramel. Made from 100-percent real-food, running shops, fitness centers and backpacking stores carry our caramel for fueling up after workouts. They also make an ideal treat after an intense Yoga, Barre or Pilates class. 

Host an IRL team event:  Now that you can finally get off Zoom, it’s time to bring the team back together for an in-person event.  It can be anything that interests your team.  Examples include: a monthly book club, a murder mystery event, a board game tournament. Or how about a caramel tasting party?  Our Flavor Family Box and accompanying downloadable tasting guide has everything you need, including beer and wine pairings should you decide to make your activity an after 5:00 affair.

Present a small token or gift:  Lastly, don’t forget the benefits of a simple welcome back gift. It’s a great motivational boost and a wonderful way to let them know you appreciate them while acknowledging that the transition back may be a difficult one.  Ideas for this include a workplace safety package, a new set of desk staples or a basket of their favorite treats…. including McCrea’s Candies caramel.

Returning to the office will be an adjustment. By recognizing this and welcoming your team back with one of the ideas above, you'll help ease the transition, increase morale, and cultivate a company culture everyone will appreciate.


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