Constellation astrology stars

There's a Caramel Gift Perfect for Every Sign of the Zodiac

Constellation astrology stars

Monograms and birthstones are a great way to customize gifts for your loved ones, but there's another fun way to personalize things: by representing their zodiac sign. 

Celebrate your celestial-consumed colleague, star-obsessed significant other, or planet-pursuing parent with an astrology gift they’re sure to love — even when Mercury is in retrograde.

You don't have to look to the heavens to find said gifts, simply peruse our caramel-inspired list for a host of astrological inspiration.

McCrea’s Candies make 16 flavors of luxe, handcrafted caramel, perfect for gifting.  There is a flavor that is right for every sign of the Zodiac.  See what's written in the stars, ahead.

ares zodiac signAres signs are full of life, energetic and commanding.  They’d love our Single Malt Scotch.

Those born under the Taurus sign love food, drink, luxury.  Our Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt is perfect.

Gemini are cerebral but adventurous and would enjoy our Curried Butternut where the juice of sun-ripened butternut squash is slow cooked in a sweet curry.

Cancer Zodiac SignCancers seek security and family. The timelessness of Classic Vanilla is ideal.

Leo Zodiac SignLeos are relaxed and protective and would be happy to sit down with our Deep Chocolate Caramel and a good cup of coffee.

Virgo Zodiac SignVirgos are cool and calm; Cape Cod Sea Salt fits them to a tee.


Libra Zodiac SignLibras seek balance and beauty.  One taste of our Anisette would have them swooning.

Scorpio Zodiac SignScorpios are passionate and love extremes.  The bite of our Cafe Noir Caramel with its fresh ground coffee beans is right up their alley.

SagitariusSagittarius signs are happy, creative and adventurous just like our Black Lava Sea Salt with its salt crystals straight from Hawaii’s volcanos.

CapricornCapricorns are timeless and ambitious as is our Tapped Maple Caramel.

AquariusThose born under the Aquarius sign are forward thinking and generous just like the zing of Ginger Fusion Caramel; and

PiscesPisces are likable, energetic and sensitive; our Dark Roasted Mocha Caramel is perfect here.











Whether they are a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, or Capricorn rising, there's an astrological caramel present for everyone.

 P.S.  Don’t have a birthday, anniversary or special day coming up soon?   International Astrology Day is March 20.

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