Small Business Gift Guide

Small Business Gift Guide

We’re big on shopping small here at McCrea’s Candies.  We love gifting handmade goods and well-designed products from independent small businesses.

Using a few of our caramel flavors as a jumping off point, here are some of our favorites this year: things we’ll be gifting and hoping to get – all unique items from small brands and independent makers that you won’t find at any chain.

For the Coffee Fiend

Small Business Coffee Gifts

1//  Coffee Brandy Bonbons -- A brandy infused ganache center molded in Bean to Bar dark chocolate and dusted with coffee powder. Delicious.

2//  Ethiopian Coffee Body Scrub -- A luxurious body exfoliator made with fair trade Ethiopian Coffee and refreshing peppermint oil.  Gently exfoliates and cleanses leaving smooth, soft and glowing skin.

3//  Coffee Coaster -- A fun place to rest your coffee mug. Available in a variety of designs all handcrafted by a mother, father, and daughter team dedicated to reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling as much as possible.

4//  Rustic Cork + Faux Leather Wristlet -- Stylish and eco-friendly, this coffee-colored wristlet is handmade from beautiful, high-quality and durable materials that are also environmentally-friendly.

5//  Café Noir Caramels -- A trio of cream, sugar and freshly ground coffee beans. Deceptively addictive. Reminiscent of a chocolate covered espresso bean.

6//  Periodically-Inspired Coffee Mug -- Nerd-chic apparel and servingware from a woman-owned business.  As former scientists, this one is right up our alley!

7//  Mahogany and Gold Bracelet -- Inspired by fond memories of summers spent on the ocean, each piece, including this gorgeous coffee-colored bracelet, is handmade in the U.S.

For the Chocoholic

Small Business Gift Guide

1//  Hot Chocolate Scented Candle -- A rich, sweet chocolate fragrance with sweet notes of vanilla and fudge, this candle is all natural and handmade using soy wax.

2//  Chocolate Mask -- Made with pure, organic cocoa powder to fight off free radicals, heal damaged skin, prevent premature aging, and reduce lines and wrinkles. Just what the doctor ordered.

3//  Chocolate Ice Cream Earrings -- Display your love for your favorite flavor with these earrings.  They are super lightweight and 3D printed in an eco-friendly plant-based plastic.

4//  Circle Necklace -- A very unique piece of wearable art. Made from hand-poured resin, real chocolate and a hint of mica. 

5//  Hand-Carved Heart Dish -- To us chocolate = love.  What better way to showcase that love then a gift of one of these hand-carved and hand-sanded dishes, perfect for storing jewelry or corralling pieces of caramel. 

6// Deep Chocolate Caramel -- Made with velvety cocoa and sweet cream, this delicious candy tastes just like a slightly under cooked fudge brownie. 

7// Cocoacakes -- Chocolatey oatcakes; crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut.  Deep, dark and oh-so delicious, try them with a triple crème cheese, a glass of cold milk, or crumble a few on top of your favorite ice cream. Yum

8// Chocolate Sauce -- It's no secret we're fans of the caramel sauce from Coop's Microcreamery.  After all, we collaborated on its creation. However, we also love Coop's award-winning, small-batch hot-fudge sauce using only the finest European chocolate and local dairy ingredients.

9// Chocolate Habanero Sauce -- Who knew chocolate could burn so much.  With a heat level of 9.5/10, this sauce, from a family-run small maker, has a deep, rich taste and a long-lasting burn. Gift at your own risk!

For the Spice Fancier

Rosemary Themed presents

1// Salted Rosemary Shortbread -- A 2011 sofi™ Silver Finalist. These crisp and buttery super thin shortbread cookies combine fragrant rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt. One of our favorites!

2//  Herbal Eye Pillow -- A soothing aromatherapy eye pillow for relieving headaches and helping folks get to sleep more naturally. Made by an official Maine Made: America's Best company.  Many fragrances available, including rosemary.

3//  Nesting Bowl Set -- Made to order and customizable, Practical enough to use for dipping, cereal or snacks yet pretty enough to use as a candy dish.

4// Infused Olive Oil -- From the magical Kitchen Witch,100% Italian olive oil combines rosemary and oregano in a subtle, light and mellow flavor that tastes like home. Combine with salads, or sautéed vegetables, or use as a spectacular starter for a chicken or vegetable soup stock. A pantry staple!

5//  Maple Pepper with Rosemary -- Aromatic rosemary mixed with Maple Pepper Original makes a wonderful seasoning for chicken, lamb, pork and fish. Also excellent in soup and tomato sauce, omelets and frittatas. Try it once. You'll come back for more!

6// Lavender-Rosemary Soap --  Essential oils of lavender and rosemary soothe, relax and restore balance to the mind and body. Each bar is cut and wrapped by hand.

7// Roseamary Truffle Sea Salt Caramel -- Our most savory caramel. We start with fresh rosemary and steep it in sweet cream for a rich and complex candy treat.

For the Whisky Aficionado 

gift guide whiskey inspired gifts

1//  Wooden Bow Tie -- When it comes to men’s fashion, nothing captivates and creates conversations more than wood bow ties. They're fun and a true labor of love; laser cut and engraved and then finished by hand from sanding and oiling to waxing and final assembly.  

2//  Pewter Tumbler -- An engaging little cup ideal for enjoying a fine spirit. The base is designed to let the cup tilt and pivot so you can naturally agitate your drink, releasing complex aromas. And even though it tumbles, it won't fall over! 

3//  Whiskey Stones -- If you aren't using one of our Single Malt Scotch caramels as a whisky stone, check out these true stones, each one handcrafted in Vermont.

4//  Single Malt Scotch Caramel -- Peaty and rich and spiked with smoky Ardmore Scotch, this delicious caramel provides an intoxicating flavor, but no hangover!

5//  Handmade Whiskey Pen -- Distill some creative spirit into your writing with this intoxicatingly clever pen handmade and textured with malted barley from a Tennessee distillery. 

6//  Desk Set -- This matching silver magnifying glass and letter opener set is adorned with amber and boasts a black and gold-swirled glass beaded handle. Perfect for your scotch lover's office.

7//  Bottle Balancer -- Display your finest whisky with a gravity defying single bottle holder handcrafted in the USA from from natural ocean and river stones.

8//  Libation Kit -- Use this set of tea and spices for inspiration to make delicious beverages and creative cocktails! Whiskey mixed with either the Boston Brunch Blend or Smoky Vanilla Chai.makes a great hot toddy! From a one-acre certified organic farm in Winchester, Massachusetts.

9//  Wood Lattice Table -- Adorn your whisky aficionado's abode with a gorgeous table featuring intricate wood lattice on black background in gloss finish. Looks great holding a snifter and a decanter.

For the Maple Maven

gift guide: products for the maple lover

1//  Maple Leaves Light -- Let there be light!  Warm up any room with a specially designed laser-cut Birch wood lamp.  Each design is hand drawn by Vermont artist Peter Katz,

2//  Boxed Note Cards -- Created by local artists and printed on recycled and recyclable paper, maple leaf note cards will enable your maple maven to share the love when sending out correspondence. 

3//  Mountain Charm Bracelet -- Your maple maven most likely enjoys hiking through the mountains and discovering New England's famous sugarhouses. Gift them a charming bracelet so they can wear their love of all things maple and mountainous on their sleeve.

4//  Maple Cinnamon Popcorn -- Popped in small batched by hand with pure, simple ingredients like real Vermont maple sugar. Perfect for nights in by the fire while watching your favorite holiday shows.

5//  Salt and Pepper Shakers -- These made in USA pepper and salt shakers are named for the Italian town of Marsala located on the island of Sicily. Crafted from Maple wood, the shape evokes the essence of the area; the architecture, colors and coastline. 

6//  Dark Chocolate Bar -- This maple-sweetened bar tastes like a brownie straight out of the oven. Rich and smooth on the inside, generously sprinkled with toasted nibs for a crispy, crunchy outside. Every bar is made from scratch with unroasted cacao beans and sourced from trusted growers.

7//  Maple Sugar -- Organic Maple Sugar made from premium syrup is sure to bring a new twist to coffee, yogurt or baking.  The company is Certified by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc.) so you know your're gifting the best.

8//  Cinnamon Maple Crisps -- Subtly sweet, slightly earthy, touched with pure maple syrup, a hint of cinnamon and balanced with sea salt. Irresistible with mild goat cheese. Great snack for the kids. They're better than cookies!

9// Tapped Maple Caramels -- Long-lasting caramel sweetened with pure New England maple syrup. Autumn that never ends.

For the Ginger Gourmand

gift guide for ginger lovers gourmands

1//  Loose Leaf Tea -- Amazing tea with bursts of grapefruit, smooth turmeric, spicy ginger and sweet pineapple from a family-run tea company whose teas are blended with as many local ingredients as possible, straight from the garden, farm, forest, and briar patch.

2//  Ginger Fusion Caramel -- Freshly juiced ginger is fused with cream in a smooth and spicy embrace. Sometimes spicy and sometimes mild, our zesty caramel always has that fresh ginger zing.

3//  Peach Ginger Conserve -- A jam that perfectly merges the tangy and complex flavor of ginger with the unrivaled sweetness of ripe peaches. Makes an ideal condiment for duck and is equally delicious with Robbiolo cheese.

4//  Matte Coral Ginger Jars -- Hand-poured and painted in Oklahoma before being fired with a beautiful and durable finish, these striking ginger jars can be placed on a table or bookshelf, or grouped on a mantle, kitchen island, or tablescape. 

5//  Orange Ginger Soap -- Citrus and spice, refreshing and zesty using the best organic oils and butters available.  Vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

6//  Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Tonic -- Made by combining ginger, onions, horseradish, spicy peppers, turmeric, black pepper, and citrus fruit with a base of raw organic apple cider vinegar. The perfect addition to your daily wellness routine.

For the Salt Fan

gift guide

1//  Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramel -- Sweet caramel with savory flakes of coastal New England sea salt. A walk in the surf.

2//  PopUp Card -- This unique handmade popup card reminds of summers on the beach and is a perfect addition to any gift. The artist has a wide variety of themes from which to choose.

3//  Tote Bag -- Nautical themed tote bags featuring Maine's famous lighthouses by artist Danielle Lehoux who uses a mouse as her “paintbrush” and her computer screen as her “canvas”to create beautiful digital art.

4//  Cashmere Circle Scarf -- Luxuriously created from recycled cashmere sweaters. Double sided, cozy and stylish. Can be worn long, doubled or even tripled.

5//  Driftwood Tray -- Featuring three starfish, this tray is made from genuine driftwood and boasts galvanized dock cleats for handles.

6//  Opera Sleeves -- Crafted from sustainable plant fibers, Angel Rox's signature opera sleeves provide cozy warmth for the hands and arms yet are lightweight and breathable enough to offer sun protection. A fun way to add a little something extra to any look.

7//  Linen Applique Pillow -- A wonderfully over-sized bold and graphic pillow.  Will add a fresh nautical vibe to any home. Made by hand with Massachusetts-made wool/rayon blend felt designs on cotton canvas background.

8//  Sailor Knot Trivet --  Entirely handmade by the first and oldest knot shop in the United States, this trivet is created from a single strand of 1/4 inch cotton rope. Sixteen feet of rope go into making a single trivet!  

9//  Coastal Bracelet --  A collection of jewelry inspired by the ever changing colors and light of the coast. All pieces are handmade and feature sterling silver, precious and semiprecious stones and pearls.

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