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McCrea’s Candies Adds New Flavor and Introduces Soirée-Sized Party Box


Award-Winning Caramel Maker Also Announces

Dedicated Business Gifting Initiative

June 24, 2017 -- McCrea’s Candies today introduced an Anisette caramel to its line of award-winning, handcrafted luxe candies, as well as a new soirée-sized party box perfect for intimate gatherings and smaller get togethers.  Additionally, the company announced an expanded focus on the business gifting marketplace with a newly-appointed Caramel Concierge.

Anisette joins McCrea’s fourteen other evocatively-flavored caramels and rounds out the assortment of liquor-infused sweet treats offered by the Boston-based caramel maker, which also includes Single Malt Scotch and Irish Coffee.  The new flavor is delicately spirited with notes of anisette, giving the caramel an aromatic and distinctive bite.

McCrea’s Candies

“When we decided to add a new flavor, it seemed natural to expand our spirited offerings with Anisette,“ said Co-Founder Jason McCrea.  “We’ve perfected the caramel so that it provides the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.  It’s luxuriously smooth with just the right amount of licorice.”

The Anisette caramel is joined by a new soirée-sized Party Box.  Weighing 12 ounces and filled with approximately 10 pieces each of four caramel flavors, the smaller box is half the size of the company’s best-selling Party Box, making it ideal for family functions, cozy celebrations, and office parties.

“We are debuting the new smaller box with our customers in mind.  As a maker of fine caramel that is often chosen by our customers as a gift for family and friends, and by all sizes of companies for their business gifting needs, it’s important to create options that fit every occasion.” said Kate McCrea, cofounder of McCrea’s Candies.

McCrea’s Candies

It is that same dedication to the customer that prompted McCrea’s to expand its focus on the business gifting market. McCrea’s hired Caramel Concierge, Julie Ayotte, to lead the initiative.  Fresh from seven years at Dancing Deer Baking Co., where she headed the company’s corporate gift program, Ayotte brings 25 years of experience in the hospitality and gifting space.  She will focus on corporate clients, assisting them with holiday gifts, incentive and reward programs, thank you/referral gifts, and prospecting campaigns.

McCrea’s Candies uses the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce evocatively-flavored handcrafted luxe caramel candies in beautiful biodegradable packaging. The company starts with the best butter and sugar and slow cooks it to just the right temperature. Milk from the local dairy is added as are real-food flavorings.  From there, McCrea’s handrolls the caramel and sends it through a restored early 20th century cutting and wrapping machine. McCrea’s quest: find perfect combinations of smooth, sweet, fresh, and unexpected using the fewest possible ingredients. Its mission: make the world's best caramel.

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