McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

Our Moms, Our Heroes

Being a mom is all about the little things…the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter, a hug for no reason, the light bulb moment when your child understands something, snuggles on the sofa, a family meal, belly laughs, sharing your favorite foods, mud puddles, and reading a cherished book aloud together.  It’s about baseball games, gardening, running errands, red shoes, family vacations to bucket list locales, cooking together, concerts, and so much more.

It is all of these moments with our mothers that craft who we are, who we become.  McCrea’s Candies is made up of a team of individuals, that together make something special.  And that’s because we all come from someone special.  Read our stories, see which of those little moments shaped us, made us, and brought us together.  

To all our moms...thank you. We wouldn't be here without you!

Jason McCrea / Chief Caramel Scientist

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mom is a powerhouse, a true dynamo.  She’s got an adventurous spirit and taught me so many things. 

We had a garden and each year she grew a bizarre food item.  We didn’t have to like it once she served it up but we certainly loved the process of watching whatever it was take shape and grow.  That sense of adventure is still a big part of who I am.

There was a time, in my teens, when I was tasked with painting our house; it was my summer job between school years.  I’d been out with friends one night and was not feeling up to par the next day.  She let me sleep in but roused me at 2:00 pm and set me to painting.  So, while she cut me some slack, she taught me that responsibilities were just that, responsibilities, and meant to be kept.

And she was always there for me even when I drove her crazy.  I had a class assignment to turn in a typewritten speech.  The morning it was due, I had it in longhand on notepaper but was nowhere close to having it typed.  And while she was angry that I had procrastinated, she pulled out her typewriter and completed that freaking assignment for me because she knew she was the faster typist (by a long shot).

It is because of her that I seek out adventure.  It is because of her that I’m drawn to powerful people.  It is because of her I can embrace uncertainty and know, always and forever, that things are going to be okay.  Thanks mom!  I love you.

Kate McCrea / Chief Caramel Visionary

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

As an only child, I was very close to my mom. We enjoyed many things together that were just fun at the time but that I think also shaped my view of the world around me. It’s hard to describe how fun it was to go to downtown Boston and “shop” all day for nothing and then go to Bailey’s for coffee and ice cream. We loved the hustle and bustle of downtown even if we didn’t have the means to buy things. We didn’t really want things, we wanted the experience. She gave that to me, a love of life and for the everyday experiences that make it rich and wonderful.                                                                                                                                                                                         
She is in her twilight now. Many of her memories and faculties are fading but she is still in there. Take her to an art exhibit and she’ll choose the strongest piece as her favorite. Take her to a concert and she’ll sing the songs. Bring her a grandson and she’ll make sure he knows how proud of him she is.                                                                                                         
My mom has been especially proud of McCrea’s Candies. She sees to it that her nurses all get candy at the holidays and keeps them on hand to give away, and anyone who gets caramels from her is told that it’s her daughter and son-in-law who own McCrea’s and that it’s the best candy ever made. Thanks Mom!

Jim LaFond-Lewis / Chief Operations Officer

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mother had nine of us. We called her Mum or Ma. She was a warm and loving person in an organized way. With nine kids, I guess you become a manager. From the earliest days, I remember having chores in the kitchen, beginning with playing in the sink while she worked. She taught me to cook. I loved to help her with the holiday baking. She made apple peeling fun. You can imagine the volume.

She was one of ten siblings herself and most of them had many kids, so we were a substantial lot. The work, for her, was never done. She did it all in good humor, and although she was not the joking type, she seemed to get a kick out of being the object of us kids’ teasing. She was also our historian…knew all the details in all the lives of all the families. I often wish I could ask her,"'Hey, Ma…?"

Matt Roche / Director of Logistics

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift


This picture was taken after a game where the Red Sox let the fans walk around the bases and the field itself.  My mom has always made it a priority to make sure we get to spend quality time together.  The Red Sox (and Fenway Park) is something that we’ve always loved.  It’s a magical place, especially for a little kid…we started going to games when I was about 7.  My mom didn’t know a whole lot about baseball initially, but made it a point learn so that we could share our interest in the sport. 

The experience of the games has changed as we’ve gotten older.  In a lot of ways it reflects the way our relationship has evolved over the years.  At the beginning, getting souvenirs and eating delicious ballpark fare was a big focus.  As I grew up, we started to know about the players and understood the game better so the actual baseball took on more meaning.  Now we’ll meet up for a bite before the game, and when it’s over go our separate ways.  It’s special because no matter what else is going on we have those few hours to just be together at Fenway. 

The past decade or so Red Sox tickets have been the Christmas present because getting to the games has become a tradition that’s important and “the next game” is always something to look forward to.  I think of my mom whenever I hear Sweet Caroline or stand up for the Seventh Inning Stretch and will always love the time we get to spend at the old ballgame!

Cheryl Bornstein / Director of Fulfillment

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

In this picture, I'm just home from college. My mom was -- and is -- always so happy to see me. She is my biggest cheerleader and has always told me I could do anything. She's right!

Diane Parazin / Director of Marketing

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mom is my inspiration.

After successfully and single-handedly raising four rambunctious kids, she went back to law school and received her degree. She taught me to never give up.

She was my biggest cheerleader when I left all that I had ever known to move across country and start a new life. She taught me to be brave.

She was first on the scene when I had a tough pregnancy and there when my kids received some difficult diagnoses. She taught me I can handle whatever life throws at me.

She’s the first to help plan a getaway. Together we’ve swam with sting rays, caught Mardi Gras beads, and rejoiced in the inner circle of Stonehenge. She taught me to be adventurous.

She’s loved me since I was born and continues to support and encourage me every day in every way. She taught me how to be a mom.

Julie Ayotte / Director of Sales

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mom is my best friend. She and I love to go shopping together….especially for shoes. My mom is wearing her favorite red shoes in this picture. I love it for that and for the protective way she is holding me. She is my biggest champion, always offering me advice and sage bits of wisdom as only my mom can.

Cat Harrigan / Sugar Chef

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mom passed two years ago. This picture, featuring me, my sister Christin, and my mother, was taken in 2015 when my mom was in remission. All of the women in the family happened to be together and we decided to snap some photos. Time is finite so what better thing to do than take pictures. I miss that and the other everyday things we used to enjoy together, like grocery shopping and running around doing errands...the everyday stuff that makes up so much of life.

Kristina Pavone / Sales Assistant

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mom is a very caring person by nature. She wants the very best for her loved ones and shows concern when one receives any less than the best. She has often told me having my sister and I was the most important and wonderful thing she has done in her life, and I have a lot of respect for that.

Many things about the nature of our personalities between my mother and I are completely opposite, but I can say that she definitely instilled in me her friendliness, opened minded attitude, and caring for others, which are extremely important ways to know how to be in this day and age, and for that I am forever grateful.

Though our personalities may not always see eye to eye, I believe that is only because my mom made it a point to instill things in my sister and I that were not instilled in her growing up, and to enhance the things that were instilled in her when instilling them in us. She’s always supported me, instilled self confidence in me, and helped to provide experiences for me that aided in teaching me to be limitless. Thanks, Mom! I wouldn’t be the me I am today without you.

Tony Darosa / Sugar Chef

McCrea's Candies Mother's Day caramel gift

My mom is ALWAYS there for me. I enjoy checking out local thrift shops with her. I scoop up movies (in all formats) while mom looks for knickknacks to add to her collection.

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