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8 Fun and Festive Easter Brunch Ideas

For us, Easter is the start of the spring and summer entertaining season. And since we love to get together, share a special meal and exchange gifts, Easter brings with it fun-filled celebrations of family, life and love.

Welcome this springtime holiday with fresh ideas and new twists on tradition.  From festive adornments to delectable, slow-cooked flourishes, this collection of Easter Sunday brunch recommendations will help you bring together those dearest to you, show you how to share a delicious meal and highlight creative ways to enjoy each other’s company.

Signature Drink

Start your guests off with a unique-to-the-occasion drink.  Try a themed concoction like a carrot mimosa or whip up a delicious grapefruit-mint Bellini. For more inspiration, Country Living has a wonderful guide to spring cocktails. Lots of under twenty-ones attending your brunch?  It’s easy to craft non-alcoholic versions of most drinks by replacing alcohol with a splash of soda.  For an added festive touch, provide Easter glass charms.  These let each guest mark his or her glass while adding an unexpected hint of holiday decor to the festivities. 

McCreas Candies Easter Gift Cocktail Caramel

Easter Eggs

An Easter brunch wouldn’t be complete without Easter eggs.  Go beyond the traditional dyed egg this year.  Woman’s Day Magazine offers some wonderfully creative Easter egg ideas, including decorating with metallic paper, real flowers, watercolors and even twine.  Whatever you choose, your Easter eggs will look lovely as a part of an Easter tablescape.

McCreas Candies Easter Gift Egg Candy  Caramel

Easter Egg Hunt

Setting up a child’s Easter egg hunt is easy. This year, add another dimension to the traditional egg hunt and invite adults to participate. With a few simple changes you can transition this children’s activity into fun for everyone. By hiding your eggs in hard-to-spot locations, implementing a time limit, turning it into a scavenger hunt/puzzle-solving adventure or switching out the traditional candy fillings with mini bottles of specialty liquor, golf balls and tees, lottery tickets, high-end sweets, and other adult favorites, you'll challenge mature guests to participate in the game.

Floral Arrangements

Give your celebration a fresh burst of color with a floral arrangement. Use as a centerpiece or place on your buffet to brighten your space and give your home a warm, spring-like feel. The most common flowers used in Easter bouquets include lilies, azaleas, tulips, and daises.

McCreas Candies Easter Gift Tablescape Flowers Candy

Place Cards

Easter presents a great outlet to let out your creative DIY side. Personalize your brunch with homemade place cards. From bunnies and fresh sprigs of flowers to these inspired eggshell place holders, it’s a great way to bring a touch of personality to your place settings

Easter Favors

Surprise guests with a small favor at each place setting. The best favors are personal and creative, such as McCrea’s Candies caramels. With a range of distinct flavor profiles, you can select the caramel that best suits your menu or choose a flavor unique to each guest. For scotch aficionados, try Single Malt Scotch Caramels.  The foodie guest will enjoy Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt (add some fresh rosemary sprigs to really make it festive), while the coffee lover will appreciate Dark Roasted Mocha or Café Noir.

McCrea's Candies Easter gift place setting rosemary


Lamb Cake

For many, the annual Easter brunch lamb cake is a time-honored tradition. Often baked in treasured, handed-down cake pans, they make for the perfect after meal dessert when served with coffee and aperitifs.  Don’t have grandma’s cherished and well-loved pan?  Find a lamb mold here.

A Good Holiday Spread

We all know the basics of Easter brunch: ham, rolls, greens, and fruit; but why limit yourself to the expected? At McCrea’s we’re all about thinking outside of the box, so here are a few of the items that we’ll be serving up in our holiday spread:

 From our family to yours, Happy Easter!

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