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Work From Home Variety Packs

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Our new Work From Home Pillow Box Variety Packs contain an assortment of our most popular pillow boxes.  Perfect for "breakroom” treats: send each remote employee a caramel pick-me-up to enjoy between conference calls, meetings and report writing.

Select from Salted, Spirited, or Caffeinated -- or choose all three!

Salted Caramel Sampler:  2 pillow boxes each of Black Lava Sea Salt, Cape Cod Sea Salt, and Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt.

Spirited Caramel Sampler: 2 pillow boxes each of Single Malt Scotch, Anisette and Classic Vanilla

Caffeinated Caramel Sampler: 2 pillow boxes each of Deep Chocolate, Dark Roasted Mocha, and Café Noir

Each sampler contains six (6) 1.4 oz pillow boxes. Each pillow box contains 5 pieces of caramel.

Customer Reviews

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I finally decided to try all the different varieties so yummy!

Trish’s Rave Review

McCrea’s fabulous, sublime caramels have lifted spirits throughout the pandemic. No exaggeration. Seriously. I give them as little gifts on doormats in my building; I hand them out (discretely baggied) to doormen and friends. I tell them all about little Katie all grown up and Jason. I smile when I eat your caramels. What a wonderful connection over nearly 50 years. Prosper. Do well. And thank you for providing such poignant and delicious treats throughout these bleak months. Love, Trish Littman